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Assessing the role of USM's Academic Resource Center





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1-Helping Students Learn


Planned project kickoff date: 2010-09-01 
Target completion date: 2011-09-01 
Actual completion date:

Project Detail

Project Goal
Describe this Action Project's goal in 100 words or fewer

Over the past year, a faculty committee has studied, and made improvements in, our academic remediation offerings – in mathematics and writing.  That having been accomplished, the committee concluded that the next step is to look at the current Academic Resource Center, which provides tutoring and other forms of assistance to students in need of extra help in various subjects, including, but not limited to, mathematics and writing.  To that end, a committee will study current use of the ARC, its strengths and weaknesses, and other best practice models, and if appropriate offer suggestions for improvement.

Reasons For Project
Describe briefly your institution's reasons for taking on this Action Project now -- why the project and its goals are high among your current priorities

As noted in #1, changes in our remediation offerings prompted us to look at the ARC to see how those changes impact the ARC and how we might otherwise strengthen this important part of our academic program.  It was also prompted by our continuing goal of improving student learning and retention, which is directly impacted by our ability to support those of our students who need assistance beyond the classroom so as to assure their success. 

Organizational Areas Affected
List the organizational areas -- institutional departments, programs, divisions, or units -- most affected by or involved in this Action Project

The ARC supports students in all of our academic areas.  Committee members represent the ARC, mathematics, English, and Psychology, as well as representative of our First Year Experience program and Student Success Office.

Key Organizational Process(es)
Name and describe briefly the key organizational process(es) that you expect this Action Project to change or improve

We hope that this Action Project will lead to improvements in our Academic Resource Center, which offers academic support for all students. 

Project Time Frame Rationale
Explain the rationale for the length of time planned for this Action Project (from kickoff to target completion)

We hope to identify areas of improvement and put a plan into place to implement proposed improvements by the end of the 2010-2011 academic year.  Depending on the nature of the proposed changes, it may take longer to implement those improvements.  At the end of the academic year, we will assess our progress and decide whether it is necessary to continue this Action Project.

Project Success Monitoring
Describe how you plan to monitor how successfully your efforts on this Action Project are progressing

The committee will meet regularly to do its work.  The chair will outline the steps to be taken in the committee’s work and report back to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on a regular basis.  Recommendations will be presented to the VPAA, the Academic Affairs Faculty Committee, and the President of the University for their review, recommendations, and approval.

Project Outcome Measures
Describe the overall "outcome" measures or indicators that will tell you whether this Action Project has been a success or failure in achieving its goals

The committee’s recommendations will follow the review process explained in #6.  If approved and implemented, the success of those changes will be monitored by the VPAA, and become another element in our assessment process which includes the number of students on academic.  The committee will also consider what, if any, further measures are warranted.