Establish a degree in healthcare informatics


Action Steps

Person Responsible

Due Date


Progress Noted

Phase 1 Study


A. Determine Feasibility

  • External needs analysis

•  Local


•  Clinical capacity

•  Faculty available

•  Financial Resources available



  • Internal capacity analysis

•  Space – Remodeling cost?

•  Lab Cost?

•  Ongoing equipment cost

•  Infrastructure capacity

•  Library cost

•  Marketing cost





Director of IT







Director of IT w/VPAA



















Ongoing research, much completed

Presented to SP Allied Health Committee

Current faculty (2 FT) and the addition of two adjuncts are needed for the start. As specialized courses are added, other adjucts (at possibly a higher pay rate) will be needed.

Office supplies are estimated at $500 per year

The current classroom space allocated for IT is sufficient at this time

Since many of the required courses are shared between the IT major and the HCI major, we can handle the additional load in the near term

The department currently has 15 laptops to support students who are not issued laptops. This should handle the additional load. These of course would need to be kept current on the same scale as other systems.

Our current classroom can accommodate 25 students.

Most materials are readily available online and library costs should be minimal.

B. Determine Regulatory Demands

  • Accreditation
  • State
  • AQIP
  • USM Governance

VPAA w/Director of IT








Not for UG Informatics





Faculty Senate Scheduled

C. Develop 5 year draft Budget to demonstrate ROI




The limited initial outlay and use of current courses, faculty and facilities make for a rapid return in a short period

D. Establish Advisory Committee

Director of IT




E. Determine when/if a consultant is needed




A consultant is not needed at this time, but may be needed when we start the process of obtaining program certifications

F. Create Gantt Chart with Capital outlay

Director of IT w/VPAA



Business Plan – cost to maintain, upgrade, etc

G. Complete Business Plan


Phase 2 Development

  • Curriculum development
  • Remodeling
  • Labs
  • Relationships (clinicals)
  • Ordering library books



Director of IT w/VPAA



Fall 06



Plan presented to AC


Approval by Senate and BOT in Fall 06

Identification of Healthcare faculty (adjunct)

No remodeling or additional labs are needed at this time

Since most of the courses are either part of the current USM GE or the IT major, only three courses will need development for the initial launch

A key part of this program development should be to go online. In this vein, all courses needed will require development for the online system.

Phase 3 Implement





Phase 4 Follow up




Report to AC w/updated ROI