Sofía Paredes

Spanish Minor Program Director
Assistant Professor in Spanish
B.A., Pontificia Universidad Católica (Ecuador)
M.A. Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (Ecuador)
Ph.D., University of California at Davis
Phone: 913-758-6262
Office: Saint Mary 310

Dr. Sofía Paredes has a diverse background with graduate studies in both Literature and Linguistics, and an extensive undergraduate teaching experience at all levels of Spanish both in Ecuador and United States. She received her Ph. D. in Spanish Linguistics with an Emphasis in Second Language Acquisition from the University of California at Davis and her M.A. in Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies from the Universidad Andina Simón in Quito, Ecuador.

Her teaching and research interests include Spanish in the U.S., bilingualism, Heritage language pedagogy, and the development of students’ communicative and intercultural competence. She has previously taught Spanish at the University level for several years in Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR, Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

“In my classes I co-create with the students an engaging environment in which student gain language confidence and develop their conversational skills. I am also constantly developing language curriculum and activities that allow students to explore issues of linguistic and cultural diversity in the U.S. and other Spanish-speaking countries,” Dr. Paredes said.