The Special Collections
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The University of Saint Mary De Paul Library is proud to house two esteemed and historic special collections: the Bernard H. Hall Abraham Lincoln Collection and the John & Mary Craig Scripture Collection. The University is pleased to be able to share these collections with the general public.

Visiting the USM Special Collections

The Lincoln Collection

The Bernard H. Hall Abraham Lincoln Collection contains more than 10,000 items and memorabilia, including several rare and original such as:

+ One of the 14 known original copies of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

+ One of two known letters written by Mrs. Lincoln and co-signed by Lincoln.

+ One of Lincoln's last messages to his wife – a telegram from Grant's headquarters sharing with her news of the imminent end of the Civil War and bloodshed.

+ A lock of hair purportedly taken from Lincoln's head at the time of his death.

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The Scripture Collection

The Sir John and Mary Craig Scripture Collection consists of more than 2,000 cataloged items, including:

+ 45 single-leaf manuscripts dating from the 12th century

+ 9 books of exegesis, philosophy, and theology, and eight completed Bibles printed before 1501.

+ The first English translation of the Latin Vulgate: the Rheims New Testament of 1582 and the two-volume Douai Old Testament of 1609-10.

+ The first American edition of the Doway-Rheims Bible published in Philadelphia in 1790.

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Tour the Collections

Both collections are available to view for free during normal business operating hours.

Visits must be scheduled in advance.

To make an appointment to tour any of the University of Saint Mary collections, please call De Paul Library at 913-758-6306.

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