Your beginning. Your education. Your experience.

Welcome to the University of Saint Mary--and to the first key step toward securing your future.

At USM, all new students participate in the First Year Experience (FYE) program. The FYE is a two-part course unlike any other. These are the classes where you'll lay the groundwork for your future college success.

The FYE is a hands-on, multidisciplinary program where you'll:

  • Develop the study skills necessary to excel

  • Hone your critical thinking skills

  • Boost your writing ability to a college level

  • Perform service in the act of learning

Develop intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

The First Year Experience extends beyond the classroom.

USM students pride themselves on a spirit of service. And in FYE, you'll perform service, both for credit and for the benefit of the larger community.

The FYE program also will help you connect with your fellow first-year students through fun social events each semester.

At USM, we want you to be inspired to reach your God-given potential. With FYE, you'll be one step closer.