Graduate with Honors



At the University of Saint Mary, we believe in helping students reach their full potential. That's why we've completely redesigned our Honors Program for students who want to excel beyond traditional classroom limits.

USM's new, more comprehensive Honors Program is designed to challenge and enrich you from the moment you set foot on campus. The program incorporates higher-level intellectual and cultural opportunities, fosters a living-learning community, and promotes the interdisciplinary and leadership skills that are valuable in any field you choose to pursue.


How do I get accepted?

As an incoming first-year student, you must have an ACT score of 25 or better and two recommendation letters from educators.

What is required for me to stay in the Honors Program?

Each year, you will:

  • Maintain a 3.7 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 major GPA

  • Attend post matriculation reception

  • Attend eight-cultural events a year

  • Attend Faculty get-to-know-you events

  • Participate in a one-credit Honors Seminar

Along the way, you will also achieve Departmental Honors (two honors-in-course/honors-in-field in your major). Honors-in-Course or Honors-in-Field is in-depth work related to a given course or field of study. It is undertaken at the invitation of an instructor or at the student's own initiative. Departmental Honors are awarded to students who consistently perform well and do Honors work in their major. The department faculty evaluates that work against accepted criteria.

As a junior or senior, you will take a 3-credit honors course. If you have fulfilled all these requirements, you will be granted All-University Honors. This award says a student has performed with distinction throughout a college career and has undertaken a given number of Honors projects and classes. The award is presented during Commencement week ceremonies.

What if I transfer in to USM later, or am a sophomore or junior? Can I still be an honors student?

Yes. Contact Dr. Scott O'Leary to learn more.