There's a lot of reasons to join the Honors Program at Saint Mary, but here are a few favorites....

  • Direct access to unique academic, social, and cultural experiences.
    Honors Program students enjoy performances at Kauffman Center for Performing Arts in Kansas City and are invited to special dinners with honorary guests from the International Relations Council and the United Nations.

  • Impact students and connect with expert faculty.
    Honors students meet with fellow USM students every month to help better connect them to USM’s incredible faculty and invaluable academic opportunities on campus.

  • Fast-track to study abroad and service-learning opportunities.
    The learning possibilities are endless. Instead of being one of the many applicants to adventures abroad, Honors students take priority for the available seats.

  • Focus on leadership development.
    Honors in course or field projects are both great ways USM Honors students apply their classroom knowledge to real-world settings. Examples of projects include: building a comprehensive art portfolio, research internships at top university programs, creating interdisciplinary writing samples for graduate school.