The University of Saint Mary is a great place to start your journey toward a career in STEM!

One-On-One Attention
You’re not in a lecture hall with 200 other students. At USM, you’re one of 11 in the class.

Supervised Research 
Curious? Our faculty are, too. Learn how research is done, and get the hands-on experience you need to excel as a STEM student and professional.

Faculty Mentoring
Whether you have a question about homework or you want to know about graduate school, USM science, technology, and math students meet regularly with our faculty. 

Choose Your Major

As a biology major at USM, you’ll master the scientific method by learning how to ask essential questions, analyze key data, evaluate evidence, and solve problems. You’re understanding of the natural world will grow—learning how living things work, interact, and evolve.

Meet our Biology faculty

As a chemistry major at USM, you’ll study the building blocks of our lives. USM’s program:
• Covers the fundamentals of theoretical and experimental chemistry.
• Explores hands-on experience with analysis, synthesis, and extensive lab work.
• And, you can explore the specific type of chemistry you want to learn through a variety of elective classes.

Meet our Chemistry faculty

In the USM Applied Mathematics-Pre Engineering program, you’ll develop the skills necessary to pursue a career in engineering:
• A convenient 3+2 partnership with the University of Missouri-Kansas City allows you to benefit both from USM's unparalleled one-on-one attention and UMKC's expert engineering faculty.
• Graduate the program with two degrees: Applied Mathematics and Engineering.
• Complete your general education courses and initial advanced mathematics courses in USM's small classes.

Meet our Pre-Engineering faculty

USM math majors gain problem solving skills, a strong understanding of mathematical theory, and knowledge of new math and technological tools. You discover the essence of not only the basics, but the true value of:

• Critical analysis
• Geometric design
• Statistical analysis
• Algebraic systems

Meet our Math faculty


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2016-17 STEM Scholars Program Report