Make an impact beyond the classroom

Learning should be more than the typical classroom experience.

At the University of Saint Mary, we believe students unlock the secret of experience and knowledge by moving beyond the classroom. As part of our Service Learning curriculum, students put real-world, practical knowledge to the test, all while helping those in need.

Saint Mary students provide services that are either direct, indirect, advocate, or research-based to the community as a way of experiencing learning hands-on. In the classroom, instructors prepare students for service to the community. Students then complete the service requirement either as a group or as an individual.

Students actively engage in efforts that are designed to help others. Students recently invested more than 30 hours in service by:

  • Volunteering at Leavenworth Public and Catholic Schools

  • Supporting health care patients at the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

  • Completing time with U.S. Military Veterans at the Veteran’s Association Hospital

  • Providing meals to people in need at area shelters

So what's the point of all of this? Why do we believe in service learning?

The answer is simple: We want you to connect theory to relevancy; connect classroom ideas to the real world. In the process, we hope that you will become a better, more intellectual person with a much broader perspective on the lives of our fellow brethren across the globe.

Once projects are completed, students will explain their experiences through a process of formal reflection.