Spend Fall in Florence


Your Home Away From Home


Rich in culture and built on tradition—you have the chance to experience Florence this fall, and call it your home for a semester.


USM partners with Benedictine College to bring students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad. You live and study in Villa Morghen, a stunning Italian villa nestled in the hills about three miles from Florence’s historic center.

The villa has a perfect dorm-like setup—with shared dining areas, meeting spaces, classrooms, and bedrooms with breathtaking views of the Florentine skyline or the villa’s picturesque Tuscan garden.



While in Florence, you take 15 credit hours. Eight of the 15 hours are Beginning Italian I and II, which fulfills your USM foreign language requirement.


Credits — Course — USM Graduation Requirements

4 — Beginning Italian I — Foreign Language requirement
4 — Beginning Italian II — Foreign Language requirement
3 — Florentine History and Culture — General Education requirement
3 — Europe in the Middle Ages* — General Education Requirement
1 — International Study Reflection — General Education requirement

*Course will change every semester

You also go on guided group excursions around Italy—to Subiaco and Montecassino, Assisi and Perugia, Siena and San Galgano—and spend a week in Rome visiting the city’s major historical and religious sites.


Your costs for a semester in Florence are very comparable to your semester costs in Leavenworth.

All USM financial aid and/or scholarships apply during your semester abroad, while you also have the opportunity to apply for a travel grant from the University of Saint Mary’s Lawrence D. Starr Global Studies Institute (GSI).

The following costs are based on the 2014-15 school year. Use these the figures only to estimate your trip costs:


2014-2015 Costs:

Trip Deposit:

» Paid in two phases.
» Phase 1: $750 with accepted application
» Phase 2: $1000 is due by March 31
   * This is a non-refundable deposit in almost all cases

» $2,650

Meal Plan:
» Includes all meals, except Saturday night and Sunday morning
» $2,033

Travel Medical Insurance:
» Regardless of whether the student has other international insurance, this is required
» $70

» Remember—all USM scholarships and financial aid DO apply
» You'll only pay USM's regular tuition cost

» A GSI Study Abroad Grant will help with this cost. Complete your grant application with the program application
» Cost varies

» Consider buying a prepaid international calling card, or renting/buying a local cell phone

» Washing: € 3.5 per load**
» Drying: € 2.5 per load**

Local Transportation:
» When you're not on a site visit with a class:
» Bus Ticket: € 1.2 for 70-minute bus ticket**
» Monthly Bus Passes: € 35**

Spending Money:
» Trips mentioned under the “Learning” section are included in your costs. If you wish to travel more, or plan to buy souvenirs, plan for that

**USD / EURO Conversion Rate:
» This changes frequently
» See today's dollar/Euro conversion here, or contact your financial institution



All full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing (minimum 2.5 GPA) are welcome to apply.

This is a competitive application process (only five slots open) and priority is given, but not limited, to USM Honors Students.

The priority application deadline (for fall in Florence) is January 15.
*And don’t forget to complete a GSI Study Abroad Grant Application.



Contact Dr. Zacharias at:
(e) [email protected]
(p) 913-758-4367