Checklist of Documents to Submit to IRB

The following items must be submitted to the IRB electronically prior to IRB consideration:

  1. USM IRB Application with Signatures

  2. Certificate verifying completion of the National Institutes of Health tutorial on the “Protection of Human Research Participants”
     - Certification is only good for two years

  3. All data collection instruments including any advertising or marketing materials

  4. Informed Consent documents

  5. Approval from study sites

  6. Proposal and/or Contract or Grant

Proposal Review Process.

  1. Research proposal will be submitted to [email protected].

  2. Proposal will be assigned to a review team by chair according to the rotation.

  3. Team will review proposal and advise researcher of necessary edits or refer back to the IRB chair for Exempt Status.

    If the proposal is given Exempt status then advance to Step 7; otherwise, proceed to step 4.

  4. Proposal will be sent back to researcher(s) for necessary edits.

  5. Edited proposal will be submitted back to the team.

    Steps 3-5 to be repeated as many times as necessary to accomplish a final proposal.

  6. Team submits final proposal to the entire IRB for approval.

  7. IRB chairs notifies the researcher of the IRB response.

Submit all materials to: 

[email protected]