Michelle Chrisman — B.S., 2012; DPT, 2015

Michelle is a true Saint Mary success story, a dedicated student who came to Saint Mary with one goal — becoming a physical therapist. Today, following her May 2012 graduation, Michelle is a member of the inaugural class of USM's first doctorate program, the doctor of physical therapy.

During her undergrad days, the Linwood, Kan., native earned a reputation as a heavily-involved student and a driven Spires athlete on the USM Women's Basketball Team.

Here's Michelle in her own words:

Q. What do you like about USM?

I love the friendly environment here at USM. The class sizes are small, and the professors really care for you and want you to use your God-given potential every day. They want to see you do your best.


Q. Why did you choose Saint Mary?

I chose Saint Mary because of the low faculty-to-student ratio, the opportunity to play college basketball, and the chance to still be relatively close to my family. 


Q. Did you have a favorite class or instructor? What do you like about them?

My favorite instructor was Dr. Mackintosh because she is straight forward and easy going. She always knows how to make students feel comfortable in the classroom and you can tell she's truly interested in seeing us do our best.


Q. What are your future plans?

If everything goes according to plan, I will be a part of the first class to go through USM's new DPT program!   


Q. What do prospective students need to know about USM?

Saint Mary is a great school because it has great professors and a comfortable classroom environments. Everyone  is very friendly and down to earth, and its a wonderful college experience. 


Q. What was one of your most memorable moments at USM so far?

One of my most memorable moments at USM so far has been working the annual SpireFest gala fundraiser in 2010. It was It was such a big, fancy event, and it raises money for student scholarships. I was glad I was able to help out for such a great cause.