Frequently Asked Questions for USM Parents

Financial Aid


1. How do we apply for financial aid?  
The first step in receiving financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This can be done at The financial aid office will be sent a report and process aid accordingly.


2. What if our family situation has changed from what we reported on the FAFSA?
There may be times when your FAFSA does not reflect a true financial situation due to extenuating circumstances. If this is the case, please contact the financial aid office to determine if you would qualify for a Professional Judgment Review.


3. My student has been offered “Work Study.” What types of jobs are available?
There are a variety of positions on campus to accommodate any student’s schedule. Positions include but are not limited to various academic departments, the academic resource center, admissions, athletics, the development office, De Paul Library, recreation services, and the Spirit Shop.


4. When do we have to repay the loans?
A student must start repaying their student loan six months after he or she graduates, withdraws, or falls to less than half-time status.


5. We need additional funds, is there another loan option?
There are two additional types of loans available, Parent Plus and Alternative (Private). Please contact the financial aid office to determine which loan would best meet your needs.


Other Topics

6. Is New Student Orientation mandatory?
No, but it is highly recommended. This is a time when students will learn many skills to help them be successful in college. This is also a time for students to meet their classmates and start to build a campus community.


7. Where do I register my vehicle?
In the business office on the first floor of Saint Mary Hall. Parking permit stickers are free, but you still need to register.


8. Where do I get a book voucher?
Book vouchers can be picked up in the USM business office, Mead Hall Room 208.


9. Does my son/daughter need any additional vaccinations?
All incoming students are required to provide a completed Health History form and Immunization Record. In addition, all residential students, international students, and athletes are will have additional required forms to complete.

Visit USM's Student Wellness pages for more information.

Please mail the completed forms in advance of arrival to campus to:
Student Life Office
University of Saint Mary
4100 South 4th Street
Leavenworth, KS 66048. 


The meningitis vaccination is a required immunization for those residing in the dorms, according to Kansas State Law. The other required immunizations for all students are a Tetanus-Diphtheria booster within the last 10 years, 2 doses of Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine, and a PPD TB test within the last 12 months. Other recommended vaccines are a primary series of Polio vaccine, three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine, and Varicella vaccine (if the student has not had Chickenpox).

All athletes, residential, and international students are required to have primary health insurance. Athletes will also be required to purchase the university’s athletic insurance. Residential students will be enrolled in the Accident Policy carried by USM, unless they have proof of other insurance coverage. Download the Accident Insurance Waiver.


11. Can I waive the athletic insurance?
No, this is a group policy and every athlete must be covered.


12. How much does it cost to do laundry?
Wash is $1.50 and dry is $1.25.


13. Can we take the extra bed out of the dorm room?
No, we just don’t have the storage space to accommodate all the extra beds and frames.


14. Can we mount a flat screen television on the dorm room wall?
No, nothing can be drilled into the walls.


15. Can we paint the dorm room?
Unfortunately, painting the dorm rooms is not permitted.


16. Can we have pets in our dorm room?
Only fish in a 5-gallon or smaller container.


17. When is a good time to say goodbye to my son or daughter and head home?
Most parents feel that right after Mass is the right time to say goodbye.


18. Where is the nearest doctor’s office?
USM has an agreement with Associates in Family Health Care at 712 1st Terrace in Lansing, Kan., just minutes from campus.


19. Why do I need a student ID?
To get into sporting events, eat in the dining hall, and for identification purposes if asked by public safety officers. As an added bonus, show it around town and you may get a student discount.


20. Can I smoke on campus?
Smoking is not permitted in any campus building. You may smoke outside, but please be courteous and place your cigarette butts in the trash to keep our campus clean.