Financial info and bill pay

Paying Bills


The University of Saint Mary billing system is completely online. USM can only provide information regarding a student’s account to others if the student sets up a Parent Pin Code through eSpire. Please note that this is not the same as the FAFSA Parent Pin Code you may have already created.


Students enrolled at USM are ultimately responsible for any amounts owed to USM. Therefore, it is very important that your son or daughter make sure those who assist them with their financial obligations are aware of payment due dates, amounts owed, USM policy and procedures, etc.


If you will be paying your child’s USM bills and you want to see the eBill, your son or daughter needs to set you up with a Parent Pin Code through eSpire.


Once a student is enrolled, his or her bill is generated. To view the bill, the student must log onto eSpire from the USM home page, click on “My Account Info” tab located on the left navigation, and click continue to proceed to the next page.


On this page, there is a section marked Accounts Receivable/Students, and it shows a total amount due. It will show a zero balance if the student is paid in full.


If you click on the blue dollar amount, all transactions on the account will show either in a history, pending, or current status. On the lower section of the page, there is a link to “Review your current bill or make a payment.”


In this section, the student may 

  • create a Parent Pin Code

  • view the total amount due

  • make a payment

  • set up a payment plan

  • print a statement/billing invoice

  • review any recent payments made


Online payments are accepted from all major credit cards or debit cards, as well as an electronic funds transfer from checking or savings accounts. There is an also option to set up a code name for payments, such as “Mom’s checking.” There is also the ability to include additional email addresses for extra copies of receipts and notices.


If the student will not be solely responsible for his or her bill, this is where you need to set up a PARENT PIN CODE. This will allow a parent, grandparent, guardian or other payee to have access to the student’s billing section only.






Once accepted to USM, students are issued a user name and password for eSpire, which is a web secure portal accessed at the top or bottom of any USM webpage. Through eSpire, students may view his or her account and all financial transactions that may take place throughout the semester.


When students are accepted for admission to the university, it is understood that the student, parents, or guardians accept the conditions of payment and the regulations of the university. All accounts must be satisfactorily settled before grades, transcripts, or degrees are issued. A student with a delinquent account may not be allowed to enroll for the following semester until the amount due is paid.


Info on USM’s tuition and fees can be found online ».