University of Saint Mary ROTC — Welcome to the Battalion!


Army ROTC (the Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is the classroom where leadership is forged. Join the Army ROTC program at USM and you'll gain both financial assistance toward your college degree and a commission as an officer in the U.S. Army. 


Former Secretary of State Colin Powell.
Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

It's an all-star roster of the country's leaders. And their formative years all have one thing in common: Army ROTC. Visit the Army ROTC's website ».


Joining ROTC at USM certainly has its financial benefits, as ROTC cadets are eligible for full-tuition scholarships and more. But the plusses of the program go well beyond money. 


As a cadet, you'll earn:

  • The tools necessary to develop into a well-rounded leader—skills that translate well in all walks of life, from the military base to the business board room

  • The rank of Second Lieutenant upon completion of your studies and a commission into the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard

  • Attractive experience for your resume

USM's ROTC effort is part of the University of Kansas Jayhawk Battalion, and falls under the oversight of Major William Chuber at 785-864-1103 or [email protected]. Major Chuber is a USM graduate, and is ready to help you with the ROTC process and answer any questions. 

Congratulations on embarking down an ambitious, highly-rewarding career path.