Life as an ROTC Cadet


In the Classroom 

At USM, the ROTC curriculum includes basic Military Science courses, Tactical Operations Theory classes, and the Leadership laboratory. Each ROTC cadet attends a classroom lecture and leadership lab each week to learn new skills and hone those already mastered. During your last two years of college, you'll focus heavily on leadership and advanced tactics. 


The ROTC-specific classes are taken in addition to your major or concentration. Learn more about the ROTC curriculum


In the Field 

In addition to class work, cadets in the Jayhawk Battalion participate in a weekend-long Field Training Exercise each semester. These action-heavy weekend events cover maneuvers like assault and flanking, navigation, and strength and stamina exercises. During your last two years of college, you'll also attend a summer leadership camp. 


Interested cadets can also get involved with specific challenge events like the elite Ranger Challenge Competition, designed to improve physical ability and technical knowledge.


After Graduation

ROTC provides an experience unlike any other. For many, ROTC has been a gateway to civilian leadership posts, with governors and corporate presidents and CEOs among the ROTC alumni ranks.


The program is designed to prepare you to serve as a military officer. And after you accept you commission, you can pursue a wide variety of further specialized training and postgraduate studies. Learn more about the wide range of military careers awaiting you.