About the ROTC


Like any other student, an ROTC cadet takes a normal slate of college classes. But cadets are in training to be commissioned as U.S. Army officers, and as such, they'll get to experience so much more through the ROTC's specialized curriculum. 


As a cadet, you'll:

  • Participate in field training exercises once a semester through ROTC's adventure training

  • Learn the ins and outs of tactical operations

  • Develop your leadership potential

ROTC is a flexible program. You can decide to join as late as your junior year in college, or as early as your final year of high school. Either way, you'll get access to the Army's generous, full-tuition scholarship options


The history of the ROTC program stretches back nearly 100 years to the National Defense Act of 1916, signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. The goal: provide leadership and training at existing colleges and universities for the U.S. military's officers. 


And ROTC has been a popular success. More than 40 percent of the Army's active-duty general officers earned their commissions through ROTC. Learn more about the program and its history »


USM's ROTC program falls under the auspices of the Jayhawk Battalion. Headquartered at the University of Kansas, the Jayhawk Battalion includes other Kansas schools like Saint Mary and Mid-America Nazarene University. 


If you have what it takes, the training will prepare you for commission as a second lieutenant and for leadership roles in every walk of life.