NEW Textbook Voucher System
for Traditional Main Campus Undergraduates


In an effort to make the cost of textbooks less burdensome on our students, the University of Saint Mary has enacted a new Textbook Voucher Program beginning with the 2015 Fall Semester. All traditional undergraduate students on the main campus are eligible for the program.

Essentially, the program
automatically provides a textbook voucher for you.

  • If you plan to pay for your books with financial aid, you will no longer have to contact the Business Office to request a voucher.

  • If you are using a USM payment plan, the cost of your books are spread across the length of your payment plan rather than you having to absorb the price of books all at once.


As part of the new system, all program-eligible students will have a $750 voucher for textbook costs on the university’s official online book store, MBS Direct, each semester.

They will also have a
corresponding charge on their student accounts.

(Also effective for the 2015-2016 academic year: USM students get
free shipping on all MBS textbook orders.)


Students have until the
last date to drop classes without receiving a “W”—generally two weeks following the start of a semester—to take advantage of the voucher.

unspent voucher dollars will be credited back to your account.

dollars spent will remain on your account.


STUDENTS MAY OPT-OUT of this program by filling out a form on USM’s eSpire intranet portal. This form will be available beginning July 1. Please note: Traditional undergraduate students will be automatically re-enrolled in the program each semester. Also, if you simply do not use the voucher dollars, the entire $750 will be credited back to your account.


Is this program mandatory?
NO, you may opt out. Opt out forms will be available beginning July 1, and you will receive notification of their availability via your email account. Students who do not opt out will have a $750 charge on their accounts to cover the voucher.

Is this a grant?
NO. You are being billed for the value of the voucher. The point of the voucher system is to either allow financial aid to cover the costs of your books or to allow you to spread the costs of your textbooks across your payment plan.

Where can the voucher be used?
The voucher may ONLY be used at MBS Direct—USM’s online book store, accessible at At this time, the voucher may not be used with any other vendor.

What can the vouchers be used on?
Textbook costs at MBS direct. Vouchers may be used on paper or electronic copies—new, used, and rental copies are covered. The voucher may NOT be used on the third-party marketplace.

If I previously received aid-based vouchers, do I still need to request one?
NO. Your textbook voucher is now automatically assigned to your account.

Do I have to spend all $750?
NO. Once the voucher reaches its expiration date, your account will be credited back for any unspent textbook voucher money.

Does the voucher expire?
YES. The voucher expires at the deadline to drop classes without receiving a W—generally two weeks after the start of class.

Is there a voucher for each semester? Or each year?
A voucher will be assigned to your account each semester.

Can I opt back in to the voucher system once I’ve opted out?
Not for that semester. However, you will automatically be re-enrolled in the system at the start of the following semester.

If I’m not interested in this system, do I only need to opt out once?
NO. You must opt out each semester.

If I have a balance on my voucher, can it be rolled forward to the next semester?
NO. Once the voucher reaches its expiration date, your account will be credited back for any unspent textbook voucher money.

What if my books cost more than $750?
You will have to pay the difference directly to MBS.