Noel Grabouski studied political science at USM. In the career world, she’s parlayed that experience into a key consulting position with Booz Allen Hamilton that has taken her around the world.

“USM provides opportunities that larger universities don’t give you. The small class sizes, the fact that you get to know your professors, the liberal arts background—you leave Saint Mary as a well-rounded individual.”

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The USM biology program is helping Courtney Huhn realize her dreams of practicing medicine.

“USM opened up so many doors for me... The caring faculty really led to a personalized education and growth experience that cannot be beat. The academics in all departments are top notch and leave you well-prepared—which is a great step toward your eventual success.”

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Damian Torres Botello: “I was taught to identify what is needed in my community and to respond to those needs… Those lessons of self-awareness provided me the self-knowledge to continuously expand and develop myself as a person of faith and as a professional…

The foundations that were molded and shaped at Saint Mary continue to inform my life with every step I take.”

Class of ’11 alums math major Allison Berger and biology & chemistry major Christine Weber:
Both in pharmacy school.

Katie Lowe, Class of ‘09 English & criminology major:
Now a prosecuting attorney.

Jay Arthur, Class of ’08 psychology major:
Now a physician’s assistant.
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Cameron Ridley, Class of ’12:
High school history teacher, football coach, and track coach.


Lauren Kaaz, Class of ’11 information technology & business administration major:
Now an IT manager.

Cole Brummer, Class of ’12:
Police officer.

Class of ’09 nursing majors Addie Heim and Kizzie Ricks:
Nurses at a major metro hospitals.

Preston Becker, Class of ’12 theology major:
Now a campus minister.
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Vicki Hanline, Class of ’09 biology major; master’s of education ’12:
Now an athletic trainer.

Shauna Hammett, Class of ’04 education major:
Elementary school teacher and Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominee.
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Greg Burns, Class of ’00 biology & chemistry major:
Now an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Ward Mitchell, Class of ‘00 information technology major:
Web developer.