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Summer 2012

Get Ready for the New Spiro

Something big is hatching on the leafy, serene University of Saint Mary campus.

Godzilla? Child’s play. That earth-shaking T-rex from Jurassic Park? Forget about it.

Think bigger. Think of a brand new Spiro.

You may be familiar with the story. Friendly—but brave—cobalt blue dragon. Lives in the storied Saint Mary Spire. Swoops down to support USM scholar athletes; maybe pose for a picture or two with the kids.

You know the guy.

Spiro’s served the university well for over two decades. But even classics need the occasional freshening up. Even Spider-Man benefited from a re-boot.

“The old guy’s done well,” says USM Athletic Director Rob Miller. “But it’s time for him to retire and make way for the new dragon on the block.”

The new Spiro, Coach Miller promises, will be more flexible, more agile, and more interactive with fans. A Spiro for a new generation.

Already there’ve beensightings. Staff have seen Spiro running laps around the circle, getting in shape for his big debut.

Late at night, students have spied a dragonesque silhouette on the football field, practicing some slick new moves.

Want to be there at the official debut? It’s hard to tell when Spiro will decide to make his first appearance.

But like all dragons, he has a flair for the theatrical. And what bigger stage is there than a Saint Mary home football game?

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the Spires Football home opener on Sept. 22...


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