The University of Saint Mary Family Fund


Whatever inspires you, whatever drives you . . . you can make a difference by supporting Saint Mary through the USM Family Fund.

Family Fund Mission

To provide all University of Saint Mary employees a giving opportunity that is accessible, intuitive, and fulfilling.



What is the Family Fund?

The Family Fund is an annual fundraising effort that provides all USM employees an opportunity to support their area of choice at the University of Saint Mary.

Why should I give to the Family Fund?

Employees are the heart of our university, our family. Every day, you make a difference at USM by sharing your ideas, talents, and abilities. Your participation in Family Fund is just one more way that you can join together with your colleagues to show your support for the university and make USM even stronger. Your participation will allow us to apply for various grants and additional funding that consider the percentage of faculty and staff that support the university…consider a gift as a vote of confidence in the University!

Will others know the amount of my gift or where I direct my contribution?

No. Your name will only be listed as a contributor.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Most definitely! You will be sent a year-end tax receipt every January for filing purposes.

How much should I give?

Your gift is your own. Participation is the primary focus of the Family Fund. Below is a table of what your gift could total based on a per-pay-period deduction:

Your Gift














Where should I direct my gift?

You can direct your gift almost anywhere on campus. See the “Funds” section for a list of available funds.

The Annual Fund is the most popular designation. This fund is earmarked for the University’s greatest needs and scholarships.

What ways can I give for my participation to count in the Family Fund?

Payroll deduction is the most popular form of giving, but you may also make your gift with a check, cash, or credit card. Please use the Family Fund Contribution Form for giving directions.


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Academic Resource Center
Annual Fund (University’s greatest needs)
Annual Scholarship
Art Department
Athletic Training
Athletics - Baseball
Athletics - Football
Athletics - General
Athletics - Lacrosse
Athletics - Men's Bsktbl
Athletics - Men's Soccer
Athletics - Softball
Athletics - Track Womens
Athletics - Volleyball
Athletics - Women's Bsktbl
Athletics - Women's Soccer
Athletics - Track Men
Balcony Restoration
Business Administration
Campus for Tomorrow

Campus Ministry
Computer Technology
Education Department
English Department
Global Studies
Health Information Management
Information Technology
Physical Therapy
Political Science/History
Sister Diane’s Angel Fund
Sport Management
Student Gov. Association
Track & Field

Interested in supporting a fund you don’t see listed?
Please contact Sharon Clay at 913-758-6108 or sharon.clay@stmary.edu.


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Please complete the contribution form and submit it to Sharon Clay in the Development Office (Saint Mary Hall, 108).



You may also give via credit card using the following link; however, a completed Family Fund Contribution Form should still be completed and submitted to the Development Office.




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Matt Kimsey, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach

Matt has been at Saint Mary for the past three years, building new men and women’s lacrosse programs as the Head Lacrosse Coach.

Why he thinks others should support the Family Fund: They key is the “Family” part of the Family Fund. We need to be invested. Invested in this campus and community. Invested in the students and invested in each other as faculty and staff. This is a phenomenal outlet to accomplish that.

Why he’s involved with the Family Fund: 
I’d think myself silly if I didn’t invest or give back to this Family, while trying to recruit student athletes to this University by pushing our values of Family and community to them. In essence, practice what you preach. This fund allows us all to do that.

William Krusemark, Professor of Music and Chair of the Fine Arts Department

Dr. Krusemark began working at the University of Saint Mary in the fall of 1978. He teaches coursework in voice, concert chorale, music history, and music appreciation. Dr. Krusemark also serves on the Academic Leadership Council.

Why he thinks others should support the Family Fund: It is a joy to give, not just in time and talent, but also in ‘treasure’ in order to help assure the future of this important institution.

Why he’s involved with the Family Fund: I accepted a position on the Family Fund Board because I have made a career-long commitment to USM and believe strongly in the private liberal arts college undergraduate experience.

Caroline Mackintosh, Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics & Biology

Biography: Caroline began her career at the University in August of 2004.  In addition to teaching biology courses, she serves as the Pre-Professional Health Advisor for the university. She’s is currently the faculty vice chair and the chair for the Academic Affairs Committee.

Why she thinks others should support the Family Fund: A dripping tap will slowly fill a sink, and it’s not about how much, but about simply participating—saying with some ‘treasure’ that we believe in what we’re doing at USM.

Why she’s involved with the Family Fund: I didn’t want to get involved initially! I’m not rich by any means and I prefer to think of myself as giving ‘time’, and maybe, on a good day, ‘talent’.   

Treasure, well, that’s not something I have a lot of. Some days, it’s easy to think the grass is greener elsewhere. On those days though, I find myself thinking—"Wow!  How lucky are we?  Where else could I work where I could have direct access to the President of the university?"

In my time here, I’ve made the call to Sister Diane twice, for students—good students—who had desperation in their eyes. The Angel Fund helped those students out; the relief in their eyes was indescribable. Those students will pay it forward, that I know. And isn’t that the mission of USM?  So, if the Family Fund will help USM help more students, then, yes, I was persuaded!


Heather Allison, Payroll Coordinator 

Heather has been at the University of Saint Mary since November 2011. She has worked in the Office of Financial Aid since May of 2013 assisting students with acquiring financial aid at the University.

Why she thinks others should support the Family Fund: Building a foundation takes a village, without the support of the Family Fund from our community the foundation will start to crumble. By supporting the Family Fund, no matter how much you contribute, your contribution helps keep our foundation intact.

Why she’s involved with the Family Fund: Working in the Office of Financial Aid, I have the pleasure of serving most of our students. With this, I see student’s put everything that they have into attending the University of Saint Mary. Without contributions from our sponsors and donors some of our student’s would not be able to attend our institution. This is a way that I can help aid our student(s) and give back to our community.

Karenbeth Zacharias, Director of the Lawrence D. Starr Center for Peace and Justice and Assistant Professor in History

Dr. Zacharias began working full time at the University of Saint Mary in fall 2013. Her focus is on world history and she teaches such diverse classes as Women in World History and Human Geography, to the History of Genocide and Africa and the Middle East in a Global Context. As Director of the Starr Center for Peace and Justice her focus is on peace through cultural understanding, and programs include partnerships with the United Nations Association of Greater Kansas City, the International Relations Council, the International Trade Council, and Global Ties, as well as community programs on crisis areas in the world. Dr. Zacharias serves on the Academic Affairs Council at USM.

Why she thinks others should support the Family Fund: We are a community dedicated to learning and we serve a community of learners—many of whom are first-generation college students. Supporting the Family Fund is an additional way to say “we believe in you and your talents to positively contribute to our world.”

Why she’s involved with the Family Fund: My parents were public school teachers and they raised me to see education as one of the best gifts we can give a child. Too often I see students worry about buying a text book they need for class or being able to afford the gas to go to a cultural experience that would broaden their world view. I see the Family Fund as an extension of the Vencentian values that are the foundation of USM and my commitment as part of this community.


Questions? Contact:

Sharon Clay

Phone: 913-758-6108

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