Three Applied Mathematics Tracks — Endless Opportunities

You choose from one of three tracks as an Applied Mathematics major at the University of Saint Mary. No matter which track you choose, our top-notch faculty will give you one-on-one attention in a small class setting—ensuring your success at USM and beyond.


Math, science, and technology—that’s what an engineer uses to solve real-world problems. USM offers a 3+2 engineering program in partnership with the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). Learn more about our 3+2 program.


Actuaries analyze statistical data, like mortality, accident, sickness, disability, and retirement rates, while also constructing probability tables to forecast risk and liability. USM’s pre-actuarial coursework comprehensively prepares students for a successful career in an ever-growing field—one that is consistently rated as a “best job in America” for its work environment, employment outlook, job security, salary, and growth opportunity.

Operations Research/IT:

This is a combination of applied mathematics and information technology to create models for developing and interpreting information that helps in decision making, policy, and other managerial functions. USM teaches students how to collect and analyze data, while also ensuring optimal strategy implementation, evaluation, and review. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, operations-research occupations are projected to grow 27 percent over the next decade.