Major in Applied Psychology


The Applied Psychology program provides an applied behavioral science degree designed primarily for evening/weekend, nontraditional students. The Applied Psychology major prepares students as generalists for positions in a variety of public and private agencies, programs, institutions, and businesses. Applied Psychology students will learn the theories, techniques, skills, and ethics involved in the helping professions. Careers in the helping professions are varied and represent one of the fastest growing career tracks in the United States today. Applied Psychology majors may also elect to continue on to graduate studies, generally a requirement for the professional fields of psychology.

The Applied Psychology program is offered only through the University of Saint Mary Overland Park Campus.


The major in Applied Psychology offers students a theoretically and experientially based education. The program seeks to prepare graduates who demonstrate an understanding of the field of psychology, of presenting ideas, raising relevant questions, and engaging in meaningful discussion of concepts; the ability to apply psychological concepts, solve problems using a variety of psychological methods, and connect psychological theory and practice; and the ability to apply psychological concepts and understanding to oneself, be open to the impact of such application, and assess the quality of personal performance in academic and professional roles.