Gain art experience at USM, earn your art career

As an art major from the University of Saint Mary, we’ll help you polish your artistic abilities so that you can succeed after graduation. Our program offers three key areas of focus based on your interest: studio art, art therapy, and graphic design.

Career – studio art
Obtain your degree with a concentration in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, or ceramics. Advance to graduate school to  pursue a master’s degree in Fine Arts, and you’ll be well on your way to earning careers as:


  • Practicing studio artist

  • College professor (MFA)

  • Gallery assistant/manager

  • Museum educator

  • Arts administrator

Careers – art therapy
If you enjoy studio art but want to use your skills for a greater calling, you can couple your degree in art with 18 hours of psychology.  This  degree prepares students to move on to graduate school to become art therapists, or art therapy professors.

Careers – graphic design
One of the most career-driven areas for art majors is graphic design. At USM, combine your art skills with information technology as a double major, or simply focus on graphic design. Careers for graduates include:


  • Graphic designer in small business or large corporation

  • Graphic designer in an advertising firm

  • Graphic designer in a printing company

  • Freelance designer / illustrator

  • Designer/photographer