Carlton Philpot

Associate Professor in Business
Veterans Services Coordinator

B.A., Talladega College
M.S., Baker University | 913-682-5151 ext. 6424 | Miege 111

Following a 24-year career as a Naval officer, Carlton Philpot transitioned to education, where he has taught at virtually every academic level. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in leadership from Talladega College, and a Master of Science in management from Baker University.

In the classroom, Philpot fosters an atmosphere of high expectations, with a focus on connecting course concepts to students’ personal lives. Students often thank him for demanding nothing less than their best, stating it prepares them for the “real world.”

In addition to teaching, Philpot conducts youth leadership workshops and is active in many community projects. His most notable project is a 20-year $1.5 million dollar Buffalo Soldier Monument constructed at Fort Leavenworth, which has earned him many accolades, as well as citations in General Colin Powell’s book, “My American Journey.” Philpot is considered an expert on Buffalo Soldiers and has received consulting credits in several books.