Graduates succeed with a USM Business Administration — Management Concenteration


Consider yourself marketable with a business administration degree from the University of Saint Mary. Graduates with business administration degrees are essential for most organizations large and small across the globe. With your USM degree in hand, you can choose the career path you want.

Recent graduates have put their knowledge to work immediately in rewarding fields:

  • Advertising

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Market Researcher

  • Retail

  • Manager

  • Human Resources

  • Financial Planner

But the great part of earning a USM business administration degree is flexibility. You may choose to pursue similar careers, or blaze your own path – it’s all up to you.

The good news: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics believes the job outlook for business administration majors will increase by an average of 12 percent throughout the next decade.


Carol Wambeke - Class of 1981

USM Business major now a vice president with Freddie Mac.

"The sense of community and the value of community are strong at Saint Mary. That’s a value I’ve always carried, and Saint Mary certainly helped to reinforce that value…

"Saint Mary values a supportive community. It values respect for others and seeing each individual as valuable. That approach to human interaction, I think, is an important factor for success… whether you’re managing people or dealing with peers or supervisors. It builds trust and confidence in relationships that help you get things done."