Chemistry: The building blocks of your future

Welcome to the world of Chemistry – the science of transformation!  Here, sewage is purified into drinkable water, waste vegetable oil is converted to biodiesel, and enzymes catalyze the replication of DNA. 

As a chemistry major at the University of Saint Mary, you’ll study the building blocks of our lives. USM’s program:

  • Covers the fundamentals of theoretical and experimental chemistry

  • Explores hands-on experience with analysis, synthesis, and extensive lab work.

  • And, you can explore the specific type of chemistry you want to learn through a variety of elective classes.

USM chemistry classes are taught by highly qualified faculty, not graduate assistants.  Individual and group study sessions are common, leading to personal student-professor interactions.

And you’ll have opportunities to put theory into action through supervised research opportunities, internships, and local and national conferences. The program is highly regarded, as many graduates are perfectly prepped for graduate school or professional school, such as medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy.