Careers for Child Development grads

The Child Development Education program prepares students for professional graduate school programs for traditional child development careers related to psychology, sociology, adult education, or nursing.

Traditional child development careers include:

  • Preschool teacher

  • Childcare supervisor

  • Preschool center director

Pursuit of non-traditional career options in which graduates build upon the foundation of our degree programs may depend upon the interest of our graduates as well as demand for the specialty niche chosen.  Examples of non-traditional options with specialized skill sets that incorporate an education background may include:

  • Child advocacy professionals such as attorneys and legislators

  • Toy designers

  • Authors, designers, and artists of children’s books, texts, and published materials

  • Development, marketing, and training related to assistive technologies that support learning and access for children

  • Child recreation specialists in industries such as hospitals and tourism

The Child Development Education program is available through USM's degree completion program.