Why are laws broken?

If you are fascinated by how laws are constructed and broken, USM’s Bachelor of Arts degree program in criminology is perfect for you. How does it work?

As an applied discipline, criminology is a unique combination of sociology, law, psychology, social work and science that analyzes how laws are created, why laws are broken and reactions of society to broken laws.

Most criminal justice programs study technical elements of crime. USM’s criminology program examines the nature and function of crime, including society’s influence and response to behavior blending:

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Law

  • Research

As a criminology major at USM, you’ll gain the expertise to become an accomplished criminologist – one who can measure and assess crime over time and place, and the characteristics of criminals, crimes, and victims using scientific methods. And we’ll help prepare you for the field with unique partnership opportunities that others can’t offer.