Masakatsu Watanabe

Assistant Professor in Chemistry
B.A., West Virginia University
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 913-758-6294
Office: Miege 210

Dr. Masa Watanabe, assistant professor of chemistry, joined the faculty at the University of Saint Mary in the Fall of 2013.

He earned his bachelor’s from West Virginia University and doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

During his postdoctoral research position at Harvard University, Dr. Watanabe studied structure/function of biological molecules using both computational and theoretical approaches.

Prior to coming to USM, Dr. Watanabe, as one of founding staff members of the University of California - Merced, experienced building curricular and co-curricular undergraduate programs to promote student success in addition to developing and teaching several science courses.

His research interest lies in general in utilizing and developing computational sciences as a tool to answer some of the most complex biochemical questions in nature.

His current research focuses on designing nanomaterials and investigating their effects on biological systems through computer modeling and the simulations of complex systems in order to help design improved therapeutic nanomaterials to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Watanabe teaches General Chemistry, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Allied Health Chemistry, and gives students opportunities in undergraduate research in the area of physical chemistry with a biological approach.