Student Outcomes

As of Feb. 2016:

  • Graduation Rate: 97% for class of 2015 (note—first class graduated on May 9, 2015)

  • Ultimate licensure examination pass rate: 91.9% for class of 2015

  • Employment rate of graduates within one year of graduation: 100% for class of 2015

Program Learning Outcomes

During matriculation students will:

  • Think critically, identify problems, and manage patients properly

  • Possess comprehensive knowledge and skills that are applied appropriately

  • Demonstrate the utmost empathy

  • Demonstrate professional maturity and exercise superlative communication strategies

  • Understand and engage in research agendas and/or apply evidence-based concepts

  • Display professional and ethical behaviors

  • Possess administrative and organizational management abilities

  • Advocate for the common welfare of the community and for professional issues

  • Educate others effectively

  • Excel in professional development and have up-to-date knowledge in applicable research

  • Function safely and effectively while adhering to legal, ethical, moral, and professional standards

  • Engage in reflective practice which embraces core values, cultural sensitivity, and demonstrates respect for individuals and cultures

  • Utilize critical inquiry, evidence-based practice, and reflective practice

  • Function as an integral member of the healthcare team, will administrate and manage appropriately, and will be an active member of professional and community organizations

  • Advocate for patient rights and promote and improve community health

  • Engage in lifelong learning and professional development

  • Display behaviors that are consistent with the ten core values of the physical therapy program