What can you do with a USM education degree?

As an elementary education major or secondary education minor at the University of Saint Mary, we prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to be a quality, professional educator.

Studying education means that you will not only learn contemporary education theory, but you'll also observe master educators at work, gradually progressing until you take over your very own classroom of students. Along your path to teaching licensure, our professors and staff provide exceptional professional support and mentoring opportunities. We'll also connect you with recent grads to help you through the process. And the good news: Once you graduate, you'll find that USM education graduates are in high demand — our graduates get jobs. 

Entry level, state supported teacher salaries are legislated in the state in which our graduates choose to teach.  Dependent upon the locale, beginning teacher salaries in the U.S.  typically range from $36,000 - $40,000 with projected opportunities for annual advancement based on additional education and experience.

Traditional advanced career options may include:

  • Elementary education teacher (kindergarten through sixth grade)

  • Secondary education teacher (middle through high school)

  • Principal

  • Superintendent

  • School counselor

Graduates may choose immediate entry into the workforce or earn a master’s degree following their acquisition of professional experiences.  An advanced degree increases the potential for earning and career opportunities.


Kate Schebaum - Class of 2009

USM Elementary Education major teaches third grade at Easton Elementary School, Easton, Kan.

“One of the many things Saint Mary taught me was that educators are life-long learners,” she said.

“There are so many things that we need to be prepared for. Teachers are held more accountable for standardized testing results these days. There’s a lot more riding on your lessons.”