The University of Saint Mary offers excellent workshops for educators geared toward professional development that supports the goals of teacher practitioners. The workshops are perfect for recertification and professional development, and the cost is just $100 per hour of graduate credit.

Textbooks are required in some of the workshops. Please purchase your text in advance in order to read the introduction and chapter 1 before the workshop. The texts are available at the USM online bookstore at, or at Please check copyright years to ensure you purchase current editions.

Workshops are held at the University of Saint Mary Overland Park Campus, located at 11413 Pflumm Road in Overland Park. Workshop enrollment size is limited in order to provide the best possible learning environment.

To register, complete the attached form and payment and send by scan or fax to Joe Perez, admissions, fax 913-345-2802, or by regular mail to the address at the top of the attached registration form.

For more information, please contact Dr. Ollie Bogdon, director of education programs, Overland Park Campus, at or (913) 319-3009.

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USM's Summer 2013 Workshops



Purposeful Talk:  The Power of Academic Conversations in your Classroom (1 hr)

EDUCW 504/604

Two Sessions June 12 & 13 (Wednesday 9-3, Thursday 9-3pm)
Purposeful Talk - Since the dawn of language, conversations have been powerful teachers.  So how do we structure our classrooms in order to harness the power of academic conversations?  In this workshop we will look at the inclusion of speaking and listening in the Common Core State Standards as well as how to train students to maintain focused, respectful, and thoughtful conversations as they move through elementary to high school content.

  • Required text: Academic Conversations: Classroom Talk that Fosters Critical Thinking and Content Understandings  (2011), Jeff Zwiers, Marie Crawford,  ISBN: 157110884X
  • Recommended for grades 3 - 12
  • Instructor: Tracy Stokes – Literacy Coach, Reading Specialist, PD Trainer for Shawnee Mission  School  District


Communication for Cooperation  (1 hr)

EDUCW 500/600
Two Sessions June 21-22 (Friday 9am-3pm, Saturday 9am-3pm)
Communicating with others in the school setting is essential to gain cooperation of parents, students, colleagues, and administrators.  This course is designed to give you effective strategies to use with parents, students, colleagues and administrators to make your communications more effective, leading to cooperation from each of those groups.  After investigating our own current practices, we’ll learn additional techniques to broaden the definition, possibilities, and strategies for communicating with each of these groups. Class participants will develop an action plan for communication that fits their individual needs and styles.

  • Instructor:  Deliece Hofen , former Teacher, Principal, and Director of Human Resources.
  • Recommended for grades K-12


Notice and Note:  Strategies for Close Reading (1 hr)

EDUCW 501/601
Two Sessions July 11th & 12th (Thursday 9am-3pm, Friday 9am-3pm)
Close Reading is a critical component of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. In the Notice and Note workshop you will learn about six common signposts that alert readers to significant moments in a work of literature. This practical signpost strategy will help students learn to read narrative text more closely and find text evidence to support their thinking.

  • Required text: Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading (2012), Kylene Beers, Robert E. Probst, ISBN: 032504693X
  • Recommended for grades 3 - 12
  • Instructor: Tracy Stokes – Literacy Coach, Reading Specialist, PD Trainer for Shawnee Mission School District

Readers workshop for K-5 Teachers

EDUCW 502/602
Two Sessions July17-18 (Wednesday 9am-5pm, Thursday 9am-1pm)
Reader's Workshop:  Are you looking for helpful and effective strategies to successfully implement a reader's workshop program that you and your students will love?  Through this workshop we will discuss how to create an environment conducive to teaching small groups, effectively use assessment, organize and plan lessons using the ELA Common Core State Standards, manage meaningful independent work with smooth transitions, and create an engaging wrap-up that will give your students the opportunity to reflect, share, and learn from their peers. 

  • Instructor:  DeAnne Whitlock, Teacher, Blue Valley School District
  • Recommended for grades K-5


Appling the Next Generation Science Standards

EDUCW 503/603
Two Sessions July 30-31 (Tuesday 1-5pm, Wednesday 9am-5pm)
The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is a new nation-wide effort to update the National Science Standards and also make them more conceptual while engaging students in the practices of scientists and engineers.  The challenge will be developing investigations that reflect the NGSS so students will learn deeper and more conceptually.    In this workshop, the science and engineering practices, cross cutting concepts,  and core ideas will be used to develop investigations for your specific grade level.

  • Recommended for grades K-12
  • Instructor: Charlotte McDonald- Educational Consultant