Excel as an English major

Virtually every profession requires critical thinkers and conventional writers. At USM, English majors are taught through classic and contemporary literature to think on their feet, and write efficiently—immediately applicable skills for today’s workforce.

As an English major, you’ll explore the complexities of humanity, master problem solving skills, and discover creativity as exemplified through intriguing American, British and world literature. Students will exercise written and verbal communication, and will be pushed to become polished writers.

Expert, professional instructors teach courses designed to:

  • Perfect your writing

  • Master verbal communication

  • Strengthen global appreciation

Many English majors earn careers in communications and law, or bridge their knowledge to graduate school. Many also choose communications and pre-law concentrations.

Think an English degree won’t get you a job? Think again. Famous English majors include Disney CEO Michael Eisner, actor Reese Witherspoon, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clearance Thomas.