The University of Saint Mary Exercise Science program offers dynamic courses, practical internships, and quality instruction that lead to a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.

The program focuses on how the body functions physically and physiologically during exercise.

Theories and principles in anatomy and physiology, human kinetics, motor development, nutrition and wellness, psychology, and strength training and conditioning—as well as integrated practical experiences to help students understand how the body reacts acutely and adapts chronically to exercise. Mastering these concepts teaches students how regular physical activity, good nutritional choices, and sound wellness practices can lead to a more productive and overall healthier lifestyle.

The exercise science degree prepares students who are interested in careers focused on movement science, nutrition, recreation, and wellness, as well as those who wish to pursue graduate work in specialized areas of health care.

Program Objectives and Goals:

  • Develop proficiency with human anatomy, physiology, and other biological sciences.

  • Develop proficiency in understanding the acute and chronic responses of the human body because of exercise.

  • Develop skills necessary to collect and interpret various factors that affect overall health of individuals and communities, and design fitness and wellness programs for a diverse population.

  • Develop skills necessary to collect and interpret human movement patterns—designing corrective exercise programs from the data.

  • Develop basic knowledge of how to prevent and care for common injuries and illnesses associated with the physically active.

  • Develop basic knowledge on how psychological factors influence performance in sport and physical activity.

  • Provide exposure to a variety of exercise science fields for career preparation.

  • Prepare students to take professional certification examinations or pursue graduate programs in related health and exercise science fields.

  • Promote long-term health and wellness through personal and community education.

Exercise Science — A Growing Field with Endless Opportunity!

Workforce demand in the field is strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 19 percent growth for exercise physiologists between 2012 and 2022.

Employment opportunities range from biomechanist to exercise physiologist to personal trainer, while the degree is also a solid foundation for graduate school.

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