Core Courses:

Course Descriptions:

EX 225 Promotion of Health and Wellness (3 hours)
A course that focuses on the latest trends in health, exercise, and wellness across the lifespan. The course will examine behaviors that increase the risk of major health conditions as well those that promote individual, family and community wellness.

EX 250 First Aid and Emergency Care (3 hours)
This course introduces the basics of life saving emergency care and first aid treatment. Topics include rescue breathing, CPR, first aid for choking and bleeding, and other first aid procedures. A standard first aid and emergency cardiac care certification will be awarded to those who qualify.

EX 300 Kinesiology (3 hours)
The study of the anatomical structures and the mechanical, neuromuscular principles of human movement.
Prerequisite: (strongly recommend) a human anatomy course.

EX 325 Exercise Physiology (3 hours)
A study of the acute and chronic physiological changes that occur to the human body because of exercise.
Prerequisite: (strongly recommend) a human anatomy course.

EX 350 Sports Related Injuries and Illnesses (3 hours)
An introduction to the different types of injuries and a basic overview of how to prevent, identify and care for a variety of injuries and illnesses that regularly occur to the physically active.
Prerequisite: (strongly recommend) a human anatomy course.

EX 375 Concepts of Strength Training and Conditioning (3 hours)
The aim of the course is to understand basic concepts on how to develop and implement strength training and conditioning programs for physically active individuals at various levels of competition.
Prerequisite: EX 300 and EX 325.

EX 390 Practicum in Exercise Science (2 hours)
The practicum provides students with an opportunity to develop and enhance skills in an exercise science related setting. The practicum offers an opportunity to determine if the experience might represent a desirable career path.
Prerequisites: junior standing, EX 300 and EX 325 or instructor’s permission.

EX 400 Motor Skill Development (3 hours)
The study of theories, principles, and concepts behind human development and performance of motor skills from birth through adulthood.
Prerequisites: EX 375.

EX 425 Exercise in Special Populations (3 hours)
A course focusing on the role of exercise in the aging process and alleviating certain health related issues and disabilities in a variety of populations.
Prerequisites: EX 375.

EX 450 Special Topics in Health and Exercise (3 hours)
A course designed to include selected topics of interest that otherwise are not regularly offered. These topics may include opportunities for students to complete research, present, and participate in learning activities that review the latest trends and issues in health and exercise science.
Prerequisite: junior standing.

EX 475 Fitness Testing and Prescription (3 hours)
An advanced laboratory course utilizing clinical instruments to measure fitness levels and physiologic responses to exercises. Students will study and utilize clinical outcome measurements to develop individualized exercise plans.
Prerequisite: EX 375.

EX 485 Applied Corrective Exercises (3 hours)
The application of corrective exercises to improve postural imbalances and coordinated movement patterns to recondition the body post-injury care and to reduce risk of injury in sport and work environments.
Prerequisite: EX 375.

EX 500 Internship in Exercise Science (3 hours)
A culminating course designed to allow students to gain educational full-time on-the-job experience and develop practical skills in an exercise science setting. Students will also be required to complete a capstone project that includes reviewing evidence-based literature, establishing a method of collecting data, analysis of data and arriving at a conclusion.
Prerequisite: EX 390.