Computer information systems and IT professionals are in demand!

Innovation in business usually starts with information technology (IT). While technology will evolve, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Saint Mary will equip you with the professional skills to remain ahead of the curve.

At the University of Saint Mary, computer information systems majors master a variety of skills to prepare them for challenging, rewarding careers. The program is coupled with a dynamic appreciation of business, increasing student marketability. The major is also designed to teach students to harness the emotional and intellectual flexibility to cope with change in a fast-paced work environment.

Degree majors develop academic excellence in key areas:

  • Management — understanding resources

  • Technology — leveraging technology to meet organizational needs

  • Problem solving — understanding and developing innovative solutions

  • Knowledge – mastering current and future technology

When you graduate, you’ll discover tremendous IT career opportunities in unique business environments, including banks, governmental agencies, schools, and more.