CIS Professionals in High Demand at Graduation!

BLS estimates job opportunities to grow by much faster than the average through 2024

Innovation in business usually starts with information technology (IT). While technology will evolve, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, with an emphasis in either Cyber Security or Software Development, will equip you with the professional skills to remain ahead of the curve.

At the University of Saint Mary, you have the opportunity to choose your track (Software Development or Cyber Security) — both developing real-world skills that comprehensively prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career in an ever-growing, high demand field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that network systems and information security professionals can expect job opportunities to grow by 17-18 percent (that’s much faster than average!) through 2024.

Choose Your Track

Cyber Security

Computer viruses, network outages, and hacking affect thousands every day—and its impact can range from inconvenient to threatening. As the number of software applications, data networks, and end-users multiply, so do opportunities for exploitation. USM’s cyber security track focuses on ways you can protect computers, networks, and data from unplanned or unauthorized access, and how to cope with the consequences that follow. The curriculum also prepares you to pass two national certification tests (CompTIA Network+; CompTIA Security+)—two more ways to stand out and show employers you have what it takes to succeed.

Software Development

With more than 3 billion computer users, needs and expectations of computer capabilities are changing daily. While hardware is being reimagined and taking on new forms, software is advancing in its virtual architecture and design at an even faster pace. In USM’s software development track, you’ll explore the ways users interact with technology—while building a foundation in the design, development, and implementation of software-based solutions for business, entertainment, and consumer markets.

As a CIS major, you'll develop academic excellence in for key areas:

  • Management — understanding resources

  • Technology — leveraging technology to meet organizational needs

  • Problem solving — understanding and developing innovative solutions

  • Knowledge – mastering current and future technology

And regardless of the track you choose, when you graduate, you’ll discover incredible career opportunities in unique business environments, including banks, governmental agencies, schools, and more.