Promotion and tenure policies



(Excerpted from the Employee Handbook)


d) Promotion and Tenure


(1).Definition of Tenure

In general, tenure is a continuous faculty appointment at USM until resignation, retirement, or dismissal due to financial exigency or cause as specified in this handbook, declining enrollment in USM or in any department or unit thereof, or reduction or discontinuance of a program, department, or unit.


(2).Teaching Experience

The ranked teaching experience required for each faculty rank is detailed in this handbook.



One year of full-time, ranked teaching experience means that an individual has fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of a ranked faculty member for a complete academic year, i.e., two semesters of full-time service per year.


One year of full-time, ranked teaching experience at any regionally accredited college or university is equivalent to one year of full-time, ranked teaching at USM, with the provision that a stated minimum of full-time teaching service at USM is usually required before promotion to the next rank as described in this handbook.