Don’t just imagine the future, help create it

Today’s society is dynamic and complex – how can today’s students hope to thrive and be an active member? A philosophy minor teaches students how to creatively and systematically think about their own experiences and the ideas from great minds of the past to address life’s challenges.
In addition to helping develop essential analytical reasoning skills for continued study in business, law or graduate school, a philosophy minor will make your transcript unique and set you apart from your peers in front of future employers. A philosophy minor prepares students for careers in business and computer science, public relations and non-profit work, journalism and television.
Combined with any USM major, a philosophy minor will prepare students by:

  • Instilling a clear and concise writing style suitable for any job or discipline

  • Developing disciplined yet creative reasoning skills and innovative ideas

  • Helping students understand and evaluate conflicting points of view

Not sure about minoring in philosophy? Consider this: Thomas Jefferson, authors Mary Higgins Clark and David Foster Wallace, comedians Stephen Colbert and Jay Leno and even martial arts legend Bruce Lee were all philosophy majors.  Pope John Paul II even received a Ph.D in philosophy.