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Saint Louis University Philosophy Club’s 2nd Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
By Aaron Potter

On the 21st and 22nd of March, Dr. O’Leary and a few of his students attended the 2nd Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference held by Saint Louis University’s Philosophy Club.

Of the many speakers, the two main presenters were Professor Christine M. Korsgaard of Harvard University (On Having a Good) and Professor Kit Wellman of Washington University St. Louis (Is the US Criminal Justice System A Crime Against Humanity?).

Korsgaard’s presentation provided a new philosophical perspective towards what it means to “possess a good” (a broader topic of discussion); and Wellman’s presentation gave a reflective understanding of the basic human rights and how the United States’ Justice System may very well be practicing “a crime against said humanity” (a more specific topic of discussion).

Both presentations, as well as a couple others not highlighted, were extremely insightful and thought-provoking. Reflecting upon these discussions, my personal experience of this particular conference was that of the growing nature.

Not only was the professor that accompanied me and my classmates an excellent chaperone and mentor, but also the experience of Saint Louis itself provided insightful development.

The trip, in this student’s opinion, proved to be worth the overnight stay and then some. Also, and I am more than certain of this when I say that all of us students that went to the conference were very grateful that the trip was of no financial expense. Thank you.