Political Science Careers and Internships

As a political science major at USM, expert faculty will teach you to study trends and history to forecast the future. Many students “forecast” their own career future well before graduating by participating in various internships in the Kansas City area, or across the globe during the summer.

Many political sciences graduates have capitialized on career options ranging from advertising or television to news reporting or even political strategist. Careers are dictated by what interests you. Typical career paths include:

  • Campaign Worker

  • News Reporter

  • Political Consultant

  • City Manager

  • Attorney

  • Law Enforcement


Graduate school options are also available. In fact, USM’s political science degree is so well-respected that graduates rarely have difficulty finding graduate positions.


Jennifer Ogle - Class of 2005

USM History & Political Science double major now working as a contract attorney in Kansas City, Mo.

"I had such a positive experience as an undergrad in the history and political science program that I truly cannot say enough about Saint Mary. The department really gave me an education, not just a degree."