Meet the pre-professional veterinary science faculty who will guide you at USM.

Meet Dr. Caroline Mackintosh

Dr. Caroline Mackintosh,
biology program director and associate professor, joined the faculty of the ...Read More

Meet Dr. Cassy Cozine

Dr. Cassy Cozine is an assistant professor of biology and has been teaching at... Read More

Meet Dr. Jemima Ingle

Dr. Jemima Ingle, chemistry program director and assistant professor of chemistry... Read More


Meet Dr. Steve Seibold

Dr. Steve Seibold, assistant professor of chemistry, joined the faculty at the University of Saint Mary in... Read More


Meet Sister Mary O'Rourke

Sister Mary O’Rourke is twice an alumna of the University of Saint Mary, having earned her B.S. as a double major in....Read More