People are all different – but what makes them different?

At the University of Saint Mary, psychology students study the science of the mind and behavior. Courses are taught by an expert group of faculty through discussion-oriented classes that will challenge you to identify:

  • How behavior originates

  • How people perceive, learn and think

  • How people differ from one another

  • How interpersonal factors impact human relationships at home, work, and in the community

USM’s program is the best for you because expert faculty is student-centered. In fact, USM psychology professors are recognized authorizes in education – and their main priority is helping you excel. The classroom approach is collaborative, inquisitive, and facilitative.

Plus, USM’s psychology program is career-focused and balances traditional coursework with opportunities to put theory into practice. You not only get an education that expands your mind, but provides you with the skills necessary to succeed professionally.

As juniors and seniors, psychology majors participate in practicum projects that offer collaborative learning opportunities within professional settings, which are great resume builders.