Education Licensure


To become a licensed teacher in the state of Kansas, general requirements for Kansas teaching license include:

  • Completion of an approved teacher education program specific to the following subject areas and grade levels requested:

    • Elementary Education Level K-6

    • Secondary Level 6-12: At USM, we offer secondary education and English, mathematics,  biology, chemistry, history, and theatre.

Licensure Tests

  • Principles of Learning and Teaching - score of 161

  • Praxis II in major field

    — Recent USM graduates scored a 95% pass rate for their
        content areas of the PRAXIS exam.

GPA Requirements

  • Students must attain a 2.5 Cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale (USM requires a 2.75 for admission and exit from the USM teacher education program). 

  • Calculation of the cumulative GPA includes coursework from all colleges attended.

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP)

Our teacher candidates are required to complete the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio as part of their program completion during their student teaching semester; 100% of our teacher candidates who completed a KPTP have received a passing score on the assessment for the past three years in a row (AY 2011-12 to AY 2013-14).

Institutional Recommendation

Each education program graduate from the University of Saint Mary must complete and receive program approval to qualify for teacher certification.

The chair of the education department at the University of Saint Mary serves as the official licensure officer for the university.  Students consult with the  licensure officer (education department chair) for questions regarding  licensure in Kansas and other states.