The world is getting smaller: A second language is vital

Each year, the world is getting smaller — and the U.S. population is increasing in diversity.

The value of speaking more than one language has never been more important.

As a Spanish minor at the University of Saint Mary, you'll experience cultures distinctly different from your own — so you understand more than simply how to speak the language.

Depending on your interest and level of study, your Spanish minor will increase your ability to speak, write, and comprehend the Spanish language.

By being fluent in multiple languages, you increase your marketability in the global workplace.

Spanish Placement Test
USM offers an online Spanish Placement Test to assess your current language abilities—matching you with the best USM Spanish course for your level of proficiency.

The placement test is free, easy, and can be completed anywhere with internet access. The test takes approximately 20-30 minutes—and it includes only grammar, vocabulary, and reading (no oral component).

Instant Notification
Once you complete the test, you’ll received an instant notification of the Spanish course you should enroll in, along with your placement test score.

Getting Started!
Contact the Spanish Program Director Sofía Paredes at [email protected].

If you’re an experienced speaker (learned the language in school or speak Spanish in your home), you should take the Spanish Placement Exam to determine what level of Spanish to enroll.

Native Spanish speakers and those with lifelong contact with Spanish may not enroll in elementary Spanish courses (Spanish 1, 2, or 3) without consent of the Spanish Program. There are no exceptions to this policy.