Spanish Minor Requirements:

Spanish minors will complete 15 hours beyond elementary courses I and II. Of these 15 hours, at least nine (9) hours (or 3 courses) must be earned through upper-level courses. To complete the Spanish minor, students are required to take in residence at the University of Saint Mary a minimum of (9) hours (or 3 courses) of the fifteen (15) required for the minor.

Students may, with consent from the program and sufficient language proficiency, test out of Spanish III and IV, and would then only need 3 upper-level courses from USM to complete the minor.

Spanish Placement Test
USM offers an online Spanish Placement Test to assess your current language abilities—matching you with the best USM Spanish course for your level of proficiency.

The placement test is free, easy, and can be completed anywhere with internet access. The test takes approximately 20-30 minutes—and it includes only grammar, vocabulary, and reading (no oral component).

Instant Notification
Once you complete the test, you’ll received an instant notification of the Spanish course you should enroll in, along with your placement test score.

Getting Started!
Contact the Spanish Program Director Sofía Paredes at [email protected].

If you’re an experienced speaker (learned the language in school or speak Spanish in your home), you should take the Spanish Placement Exam to determine what level of Spanish to enroll.

Native Spanish speakers and those with lifelong contact with Spanish may not enroll in elementary Spanish courses (Spanish 1, 2, or 3) without consent of the Spanish Program. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Spanish Courses:

Basic Level


SPA 211 — Spanish III


Mid Level


SPA 212 — Spanish IV


Upper Level


At least three upper-level courses from the following:

SPA 325 — Spanish Conversation

SPA 365 — Spanish and Latin American Cinema

SPA 336 — Hispanic Civilization and Culture

SPA 448 — Survey of Spanish and Spanish American Literature

SPA 449 — Survey of Spanish and Spanish American Literature II

SPA 465 — Multilingual Societies: Spanish in Contact with other Languages around the world (Idea Seminar)



Total Hours