Sports: Say hello to big business

Billions of dollars. Huge success. Big business. The sports industry produces more than $500 billion each year – and is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. But it takes more than simply knowing the ins-and-outs of athletic competition. At the University of Saint Mary, we’ll show you what it takes to land a job in this ultra-competitive market.

While many sport management programs are based in physical education, USM takes a different approach – we focus on business. As a sport management major, you’ll gain a VIP pass to the “behind the scenes” perspective of sport. You’ll master:

  • Sports accounting and finance

  • The economics of athletics

  • Risk management and liability in sport

  • Ethical dilemmas in sport

  •  Managing human assets

  • Sport marketing

To prepare you for your career once you graduate, internships are abundant – ranging from the PGA Tour and  the Kansas City Sports Commission to Kansas City’s sports franchises.