The Office of Student Success, located on the 4th floor of Saint Mary Hall, is available to assist students from their first day on campus with any academic or personal concerns they may have about adjusting to college life, as well as with questions about how to handle various aspects of the university. By scheduling an appointment with a Student Success Coordinator, USM students can receive free, individualized help for choosing a major, goal setting, getting involved, and learning time management skills. In addition, Student Success Coordinators act as advocates for student centered initiatives on campus, promoting student engagement and retention at USM.

Career Services

The Office of Student Success is committed to assisting students at all stages of their college careers, including the career planning process.  Students can receive assistance with selecting a major, exploring potential careers, searching for an internship, resume writing, preparing for interviews, and networking.  Student Success also promotes off-campus job opportunities, maintains a resource library, and supports students in preparation for taking steps towards graduate school.  Student Success partners with First Year Experience (FYE) and capstone courses to directly assist students at the beginning and completion of their undergraduate experience in relation to career exploration and development.  Student Success coordinates mock interview opportunities for students during Senior Success Day in effort to further prepare students. 

Though the University provides career services and students may discuss career goals, desired employment, job opportunities, starting salary ranges, etc. with University employees; students should not accept these conversations as promises or guarantees about future employability, starting salary, etc.  Student Success focuses on preparing students and giving them the tools for current and future success; however, the Office of Student Success is not, and USM does not have, a job placement center. Career success depends on a student’s attitude, effort put into academic work, job search efforts, and the current job market.