The University of Saint Mary prohibits all employees, students and visitors from possessing, carrying or using any type of explosive, weapon or hazardous object on any property owned or controlled by the university or at any university-sponsored, financed or supervised activities. This includes all outside campus grounds, all residence halls, any vehicle parked on campus and every building located on campus grounds.  This also applies to those with conceal carry permits, except that persons with valid concealed carry permits may keep a handgun (as that term is defined in K.S.A. §§ 75-7c02(b) and 75-7b01) locked in a private vehicle. Violating this policy can result in confiscation of the weapon and disciplinary actions, including and up to termination of employees or expulsion of students.  The University of Saint Mary is considered private property.  Any person violating this policy may be asked to leave campus. Failure to comply will result in local law enforcement authorizes being contacted and the violator being charged with trespassing and/or other criminal charges. 

All types of explosives, incendiary or poison gas, bombs, mines, grenades, rockets, missiles, firecrackers, fireworks, incendiary or explosive materials with a fuse, wick or other detonating device, gasoline/fuels used as an explosive, tear gas and smoke bombs, and other combustible materials, are prohibited on property owned or controlled by the university. 

Shotguns, rifles, handguns (except as noted above), bb guns, pellet guns, air/CO2 guns, air/CO2 rifles, slingshots, longbows, crossbows, and other types of potentially hazardous objects or equipment including martial arts weapons such as nun-chucks and throwing stars are not permitted on university property.  This also includes all types of ammunition (i.e. bullets, bb’s, pellets, and arrows). 

Large knives, including switch blades which result in the blade automatically being ejected into position, as well as any straight blade knife of four inches or more are prohibited on campus grounds. 

Violations of this policy are subject to the Student Conduct Disciplinary Procedures.

Revised:  08/05/2014