When a fire alarm rings, remain calm and evacuate the building, closing room doors behind you.  If possible, wear shoes and a jacket, if needed.  If smoke is present, hold a damp cloth over your mouth, stay close to the floor, and do not use the elevator.  Once outside, move away from the building and remain outside until directed to return by a member of Residence Life or other university personnel.  The fire alarm sounds for both drills and actual fires.  The above procedure is followed anytime the alarm sounds.  Many times fire and smoke are not evident in all parts of a building.  Failure to evacuate the building for a fire drill or actual fire will result in disciplinary procedures and/or corrective action.  Tampering with fire safety equipment, including extinguishers, alarms, or detectors (cutting or disconnecting of wires) is a federal offense, not just USM policy.  Fines start at $5,000 and may include jail time.  Tampering with fire safety equipment is also subject to a minimum $300 fine. 


The term tornado “watch,” as used by the National Weather Service, means that conditions exist for a tornado to develop.  A tornado “warning” is issued when a tornado has actually been sighted.  When such a warning is issued for the area tornado sirens will sound.  When tornado sirens sound, remain calm, close blinds and doors, proceed to the lowest level of the building, available tunnels or basements and remain until the all clear is sounded.  Do not use any elevators.  Additional Emergency Response procedures are listed on the campus safety and security website ( and posted throughout campus. 

Winter Weather

The  University of Saint Mary values class time and does not want to cancel classes without warrant.  A recorded telephone message can be heard by dialing ext. 6300 on campus, (913) 758-6300 in the local area, by calling the main phone line, (913) 682-5151, or the Kansas City line at (913) 772-0843, then press “7” to be transferred to the recorded message.  Under ordinary circumstances, we will post an email no later than 5 a.m. for campus day classes and 3 p.m. for evening classes.  All employees and students are responsible to either read their email or check the recorded message.  We have two designations; University of Saint Mary — Leavenworth and University of Saint Mary — Overland Park. Weather announcements will be posted on the webpage and sent via USM email, and through the USM Alerts texting notification system. You may sign up for those alerts at

If there is not an announcement, classes will be held as regularly scheduled. Please do not call the university main line for information regarding class cancellation.  Telephone lines should be left open for emergency calls. 

Revised:  08/05/2014, 07/17/2015